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How to Activate the demo version to full version?

The demo version is exact replica of the full version except the saving option being disabled in demo version. In order to save recovered emails, you need a license key to activate the demo version to full version.

Software can be instantly activated with the help of:
  • An active internet connection on the computer where the software is installed.
  • License Key that you have received with order email after purchasing the software

Follow the simple steps to activate the software online

Step 1 Launch the application and click on "Activate" button from main application window as shown in screenshot.

Enter the License Key in the text field and click on "Activate" button. If you have entered a valid key, the software will be activated and confirmation message is displayed. The software is now fully functional.

Software Activation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the software get delivered after purchasing online?

Once you place the order, a dynamically generated download link for the full version of Amrev Photo Recovery will be sent to your email address (updated while purchasing).

If you haven't received the download link email, please check in the spam, bulk or junk e-mail folder. If the email is located there, please note that your ISP, spam-blockers or filters are diverting our emails there.

Locate the DOWNLOAD INFORMATION in the email receipt and click on the link to Download and install the software.

Note: If you haven't received the download link email, please check in the spam, bulk or junk e-mail folder. If the email is located there, please note that your ISP, spam-blockers or filters are diverting our emails there.

2. I have successfully installed the full version but still I could see demo version running.

It is always recommended to uninstall the demo version before installing the full version. In order to uninstall, go to Control Panel/ Add or Remove Programs, select the Digital Photo Recovery Demo and click Change/Remove. Then you can install the full version from the link provided in the email receipt.

3. I am not able to search my camera in the list of available drives. What should I do in order to recover my data?

If you are not able to select the Camera Drive Removable Disk (G:\, etc) even after plugging the camera to your computer, then you would need to pull the memory card from your camera and connect it to a USB Memory Card Reader, a device that connects your camera’s memory card directly to the computer through a USB port. This way you can select the memory card as the location from where you want to restore the images.

4. After recovery, where should I save the recovered files?

While saving the recovered files, always make sure that the output folder (Where you save the files) is not on the same drive where the files have to be recovered. That way you avoid inadvertently overwriting other deleted or lost files. Please save the recovered files to a folder from your hard drive.

If you have to scan a memory card, then save the recovered files to a folder on your computer.

5. Is Amrev Photo Recovery a Windows or Macintosh application?

Amrev Photo Recovery is a Windows application. It works under the Windows® OS only. It supports all versions of Windows® from Windows 95 to Windows Vista™.

6. If the demo previews my photos am I 100% sure that they can be recovered?

Yes, the number of pictures you could see in Demo version, the same can be recovered using full version only if the drive from which the lost data has to be recovered is still intact even while running full version.

There are a few situations:

  • The demo won't be able to display the picture because it is corrupted /overwritten or the media is fragmented and therefore it can't be recovered.
  • The demo previews correctly the file based on the EXIF preview (the thumbnail is stored in the file) but that picture was overwritten and therefore is not fully recoverable. This is the situation in which the demo previews photos you will not be able to recover.
7. I accidentally formatted my memory card in an Olympus/Fuji/Casio camera and I am not able to recover my files.

Olympus/Fuji/Casio cameras wipe the media with a blank pattern of 0s for formatting which in turn wipes off the data forever. The Wipe Option overwrites the entire card with zeros, including the file system areas completely and securely erasing the data.

So files deleted using Fuji / Olympus or Casio camera are usually not recoverable, because they initialize the actual image data when deleting, not just mark a file as deleted in the file system.

8. I am not able to choose any drive when prompted on screen as all drives come up as "not ready".

In order to run the software or scan a drive, you would need Administrator's privileges on the computer.

9. Is refund policy available if I am not satisfied with the software? Can I ask for a refund

No, Refund policy is not entertained. We always recommend you to try the demo version which is absolutely FREE to test the software and evaluate the results.

10. I tried running the demo version to recover my corrupted pictures. Unluckily, I was not able to find them in the demo version. Will I be able to recover them in the full version?

Full version is identical to the demo version except the output picture will contain a watermark. Thus, if you are not able to see your corrupted pictures in Demo version then the data might be overwritten and hence, the full version will NOT be able to recover your picture as well.

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